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Weddington Christian Academy offers a challenging academic program that focuses on mastery of subject matter with integration of Biblical principles. Our excellent educational experience equips students by encouraging critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and team-building opportunities. Classrooms feature traditional instruction with support from numerous digital programs.

Bible curriculum focuses on Christian development in preparation for sharing the Gospel of Christ with others. Lessons are integrated in academic curriculum throughout the school day and in mission opportunities during the year.
• Daily Bible lessons
• Positive Action Bible-Elementary School Curriculum
• Selected Bible Studies Series- Middle School Curriculum

Comprehensive curriculum encourages a lifelong love of reading with the development of communication skills to foster self-confidence and strong interpersonal relationships.
• Houghton Mifflin Journeys-Elementary Curriculum
• Classical Roots and Wordly Wise -Elementary and Middle School Curriculum
• Introduction to Literature and novel studies-Middle School curriculum
• Focus on: communication skills, reading, writing, grammar and critical thinking
• Edmentum: Exact Path for quarterly progress assessments, sets and monitors individualized Learning Paths

Challenging curriculum places equal emphasis on conceptual learning, critical thinking skills, and fluency with basic math skills
• iReady Classroom Mathematics published by Curriculum Associates
• iReady Math Quarterly Diagnostics yields differentiated, enrichment practice
• Holt McDougal Larson Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1
• Use of Singapore Math’s problem-solving model: concrete and pictorial representations encourage students to understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of real-world problem solving.

Science is taught from a Christian worldview with an emphasis on creation.
• Purposeful Design Science-Elementary and Middle School Curriculum
• Middle School Curriculum: Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science
• Science experiments and project-based learning.
• STEAM emphasis with quarterly school-wide events

Social Studies
Students are encouraged to become informed citizens who lead productive lives in the community. Lessons include history, geography, government, cultures, and economics.
• Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) Kids Social Studies, Elementary Curriculum
• Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) World History-Ancient Civilizations, US History, 8th grade World Civilizations, 7th grade U.S. History

Summer Hours