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Welcome to Weddington Christian Academy (WCA). We are an ACSI accredited private Christian School in the heart of Weddington, NC. Since 1991 it has been our privilege serving families with students in Junior Kindergarten through 9th grade.

Our Mission: WCA provides an education of highest academic excellence and Christian spiritual development in a faith community that challenges the mind, prepares the heart, and nurtures the soul; encouraging students and families to represent Christ in action and service.
Our Vision: WCA will help students develop a love for God by nurturing their souls through a daily faith walk.  WCA will teach students to be lifelong learners by challenging their minds in academic subject areas.  WCA will lead students and families to serve others in our local and global community by touching their hearts to develop Christ-like love and compassion.

We Are The H.A.W.K.S.
Honor- Every student at WCA will show honor to God, others, and themselves by demonstrating compassion, consideration, and kindness at all times.
Accountability- Students are to be truthful in all situations. Students should take responsibility for their choices and accept the consequences—good or bad.
Work- Students are expected to work hard at the tasks given to them and put forth their best effort.
Knowledge- Hard work and study build knowledge. Students are expected to study for tests, turn in all assignments on time and participate in activities to grow their academic pursuits.
Success- When a student chooses to practice honor, show accountability, work hard and pursue knowledge, they are achieving success!


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