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As the new school year has begun, we can feel the promise of new opportunities for learning, meeting new friends and faces, and being within the community we so love. This year we will add to that with additional joy, as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of WCA. Over the years, the WCA community has shown amazing resilience, and we will celebrate 20 Strong Years in Education all year long. 

In conjunction with our 20th anniversary celebration, we have introduced The Hawk Fund: Our Annual Fund Campaign. The Hawk Fund will replace The Invest in a Child campaign, which has helped support the school’s operating expenses each year, and has always played a vital role in ensuring the school’s stability and sustainability. We need your help to continue meeting any challenges that come our way, while providing our students with the best learning environment possible. 
Every student benefits from the Annual Fund. This year, we are asking each family to support the The Hawk Fund with a goal of 100% participation in order to ensure our vibrant community will continue STRONGER than ever. 
The Hawk Fund (Annual Fund) is our yearly appeal for contributions that support WCA's rich and diverse learning environment. As in most independent schools, tuition alone does not cover all costs associated with running the school. Donations to the Hawk Fund close this gap and make it possible to achieve greatness. 
The Annual Fund runs from July 1 - June 30 each year. 
We already pay tuition, why do we need to donate money to the school? 
The Annual Fund helps keep tuitions as low as possible. Like almost all independent schools, tuition does not cover the full cost of a WCA education. Funds raised through the Annual Fund bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the cost of running the school and provide the added resources to take our school from good to great. 
What does the money from the Annual Fund go toward? 
Your investment in the Annual Fund supports all areas of the school: academic programs, teacher professional development, technology, facilities, etc. It also allows us to respond to our budgetary priorities and any unforeseen needs, developments or opportunities that may arise. 
How much should I give? 
What you give is entirely up to you, but we hope that our school will be a philanthropic priority for every WCA family and ask that you make a gift that is meaningful to your family. No gift is too small and every gift is important and appreciated.  
What is a matching gift? 
Many companies will match charitable contributions by their employees. Please check with your human resources department or your employer to see if they will match your gift. If your employer matches your gift, you can often double or triple the amount of your gift to WCA. 
What impact will my small gift have? 
Every gift, regardless of size, is important and appreciated and brings us closer to reaching our fundraising goal. Gifts of any size inspire more people to give; they are a vote of confidence in our school and our community.