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Lessons that highlight heroes of the Christian faith from the Old and New Testaments are used to teach students fundamental biblical truths.  As students grow in their understanding of God’s Word, they also develop an awareness of how to live as His children.


Zoo Phonics is a concrete, whole brain approach to teaching phonemic awareness. Students learn lowercase letters and their corresponding sounds using familiar animal shapes and body movements in a fun and playful manner.

Language and Literacy

Get Set for School: Language and Literacy is designed to foster a love of reading through rich literature and vocabulary building.  Oral language skills are developed through listening, retelling, and narrating stories.


Purposeful Design Mathematics: Kindergarten utilizes whole group and small group activities that teach students to connect math concepts to everyday life experiences.  The hands-on math instruction is paired with math manipulatives to support active student participation with lessons.


Lessons are based on the Biblical worldview and include units on Energy, Matter, Weather, Earth, Plants, Solar System, Birds, Marine Animals, and Land Animals.  Experiments and projects are incorporated into each unit to reinforce important scientific concepts.

Social Studies

Units throughout the school year include All About Me, My Place in the World, Our Classroom Family, Careers, and Children Around the World.  Students also learn about the demographics of North Carolina and create a notebook that includes state symbols and basic geography.


Handwriting Without Tears, developed by Occupational Therapist, Jan Olsen, strengthens fine motor skills and handwriting proficiency with the use of manipulatives and hands-on activities in addition to handwriting instruction.