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Dear WCA Families, 

Thank you for your grace and patience as we have consolidated information to develop our WCA Protocol Plan to meet recent and ongoing changes. 


Care for Others and Christian Community 

  • Our school community includes students and employees who may need to mask due to illnesses and immunosuppression within their immediate families. We ask that your family graciously support these individuals and families. 
  • We also recognize that families have differing views on the merits of masking and other protocols. Our employees will not allow this to become a divisive issue in our classrooms, and we request that families speak with their children about regarding others’ views with Christian charity.
  • Please make decisions that will limit your family’s exposure such as avoiding activities, events, and places with large crowds. 
  • Keep your child home if they are sick 
  • A day porter will provide services during school hours (e.g. cleaning of high touch surfaces) 
  • PTF has provided teachers with cleaning caddies that include Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, disinfectant surface spray etc. Teachers will clean high touch surfaces in the classroom daily. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations are placed throughout the school and regular hand washing is required throughout the day. 



  • Each classroom will remain in their ‘class family’ for academic and social activities. 



  • Students will be seated 4 at a table within their class family and served lunch. 
  • The day porter will clean and disinfect tables after each class. 


Guests on Campus 

  • We will limit visitors inside the school. 


Athletics, Social Events 

  • We expect our fall athletic season to resume on time with traditional offerings. We await guidance from our athletic league for determining specific policies. 
  • We expect PTF social events will resume. 


Our current plans include: 

  • Per CDC guidance, indoor masking is recommended, but the school will place the choice to either mask or not mask on individual families to make for their children and will fully support families’ decisions. Our teachers and staff will also be permitted to make individual decisions about masking. 
  • COVID positive individuals will be required to quarantine based on local guidelines at that time (currently 10 days for mild to moderate illness with symptom improvement over that time). 
  • Individuals exposed to COVID-19 may be required to quarantine. Decisions about whether to require quarantine of an exposed individual will be based on the latest expert guidance and will take into consideration all relevant factors (e.g. vaccination status, recent recovery from COVID-19 etc.) 
  • Shorter quarantine options will be used (i.e., ten days/seven days with negative PCR test at day five). 


We are committed to timely and transparent communication with you and are grateful for your continued partnership. 


Thank you, 

WCA Administration