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School Uniform Policy

WCA Uniform Policy 


The WCA Uniform Policy promotes modesty and neatness in student clothing. Students are expected to be clean and well groomed for school each day. The uniform requirements are as follows: 

Girls and Boys Uniforms (JK – 5) for Monday and Tuesday 
  • WCA polo shirt in white, navy, light blue or hunter green.
  • WCA turtleneck in white or navy.
  • Pants or shorts in khaki or navy.
  • Jumpers in khaki, navy or plaid.
  • Skirts, kilts or scooters in khaki, navy or plaid.
  • Dresses in navy, light blue or hunter green.
  • Shirts (oxford) in white.
Girls and Boys Chapel Uniforms (JK – 5) on Wednesday
  • Peter Pan collar logo shirt for girls
  • Jumper, skirt, kilt or scooter in navy, khaki or plaid.
  • Button-down WCA white oxford
  • Pants or shorts in khaki or navy.
Girls and Boys (JK - 8) –  Spirit Day every Monday that is not NUTS day
  • WCA shirt (including monogrammed polo, PE, Field Day, etc.)
  • Denim or khaki bottom – pants, shorts, skirts, etc.
  • Girls may not wear leggings ONLY with a t-shirt.
NUTS Day = No Uniform to School

NUTS Day is the last Monday of the month unless there is no school on that day. NUTS Day will resume on the last Monday of the following month.
Students may wear “normal” clothing to school. (No inappropriate messages, scary logos or pajama style sweatpants with a logo on them, please.)
Students must bring $1.00 to participate in NUTS Day. All proceeds are donated to The Good Shepherd Orphanage in Kenya.

Girls and Boys PE Uniforms (JK – 8)
  • WCA logo T-shirt in gray. (Lands’ End)
  • Athletic shorts or pants in navy w/white trim.
  • Athletic jacket in navy w/white trim.
  • WCA logo hooded sweatshirt in navy or gray. (Lands’ End)
  • WCA Micro-fleece half-zip jacket in navy. (Lands’ End)
 Special Days

Students may dress for several “special” days throughout the school year.
Special days are:

  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Dad’s Breakfast 
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Mother’s Day Celebration

The attire and date will be announced prior to the special day.

Uniform Notes:


  • ACCEPTABLE – Tennis/athletic shoes, loafers, Mary Janes or other soft-soled shoes, Keens and PLAIN Ugg boots in brown, black, navy or tan.
  • NOT ACCEPTABLE – Boots with fringe, animal print or glitter, Crocs, rubber boots, cowboy boots, wheelies, or light-up sneakers, clogs, high heels, open toed shoes, sandals or flip flops may NOT be worn.
  • NOT ACCEPTABLE – Ballet-like shoes (without a strap or buckle) for girls in JK and K. These shoes are not safe for recess on the playground.
  • Girls’ dresses, jumpers, shorts, skorts, or scooters may not be shorter than 4” above the knee. (Athletic shorts for PE are included.)
  • Girls should wear biker shorts/shorts/or leggings under all dresses, jumpers and skirts for modesty.
  • Girls should wear socks or leg coverings at all times. They should be solid colors in white, black, brown or blue. Patterned tights or leggings are not appropriate to wear with uniforms.

French Toast- School Code: QS5SGIC

Land's End   - School Code: 900118662