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Online Components

Think Central - Used to grant access to Journeys Language Arts and Math in Focus textbooks. Students are given access to the online component to complete various assignments and reading at home. 

IXL - Used to reinforce Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science concepts learned in grades 2 - 5. Students are granted access to the IXL website for use during school and at home. 

Math Buddies - Online math lessons that compliment the lessons in the students Singapore Math textbook. The students use the website as extra practice at home and at school. 

Discovery Education - Online access to a website that offers videos and virtual classroom information on science, social studies, current affairs and many other topics. Teachers use this website to 'bring to life' current concepts and information learned. 

eHarcourt - Online access to the elementary social studies books.

Edutyping - Software that teaches grades 3 - 8 how to correctly type on a QWERTY keyboard.  The software begins with teaching the 'home row' keys and progresses to teaching the students how to type short documents and complete timed typing tests. The software also teaches the students about teh readiness and becoming good digital citizens. 

Keyboarding Without Tears - A companion piece to Handwriting Without Tears that teaches grades K - 2 the basics of keyboarding. Students progress through lessons that teach home row keys, reinforce letter shapes and form, correct finger placement, and the value of being good digital citizens. 

ABCya - Software used in grades JK - 5 that allows students extra practice with reading, writing, math, and science. The website has fun, interactive games that engage the students in reinforcing concepts learned in the classroom. 

Tynker - Software used to teach the basics of computer coding/programming to students in grades 1 - 8. The website guides the students throught various lessons that teach students to create characters, move the characters, create scenes, and to add sounds. 

LEGO Education WeDo - This portion of LEGO Education introduces the students to simple robotics. The students use the software to build their robots and to code or program them to perform specific functions. This hands-on experience allows students to touch on all four S.T.E.M. disciplines at one time. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathmatics).

Digital Passport - A website sponsored by Common Sense Media that allows the students to learn about cyber safety and the appropriate use of technology in a fun, interactive way.