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Middle School Electives

Electives are offered on a nine-week course schedule and change according to interest level and availability.



Middle school students will participate in the EduTyping program and learn keyboarding, word processing, and editing skills.  Additionally, iAcademy, a career and technical education online program, will instruct students in the use of PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and other software applications.



Art classes provide students with the opportunity to explore a variety of art elements such as line, color, and perspective.  Students will express ideas visually while developing skills in drawing, sculpting, and crafting.  The study of famous works of art by various artists and the techniques they used will be integrated into lessons.



Drama classes offer students opportunities to explore theatrical talents as they discover their creative voices in a collaborative environment.  Self-expression is encouraged as students use movement skills, imagination, and improvisation. 

Middle school students perform for family and friends once yearly.



Music lessons include practice of known musical elements and reinforce music literacy skills.  Students will participate in solo and choral singing and guitar lessons.


Physical Education

The PE program is designed to foster a lifelong appreciation for a healthy living lifestyle.  Students participate in interactive physical games, movement skills, flexibility exercises, sports-related skills, and dance activities.



Chapel services are held once a week for all middle school students.  The spiritual development of students is encouraged in all chapel worship services that include scripture reading, prayer, music, and either devotions or inspirational speakers.