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Elementary Electives


During weekly classes, students engage in age-appropriate lessons related to online safety, sending emails, and how to prevent cyberbullying.  Students participate in online programs such as Keyboarding Without Tears, EduTyping, Jr. , and EduTyping Standard.  Upper elementary school students learn keyboarding skills, word processing, and editing. Students are also introduced to coding using Tynker. 


Students gain an appreciation for visual arts and develop fine motor skills while using a variety of art media.  Seasonal projects are created to compliment classroom activities. Works of art are displayed in various art shows during the course of the school year.


Music lesson include weekly opportunities to experience group and/or solo singing, movement to music, and song games that are used to teach the basics for learning to read music. Students also experiment with a variety of musical instruments such as percussion instruments, xylophones, and marimbas.  These experiences are used to practice known musical elements and reinforce music literacy skills.  Students will participate in two polished musical performances.


Student participate in a non-written, non-reading introduction to Spanish as a second language.  Spanish instruction is integrated through art activities, music, and literature.  Cultural awareness is reinforced in the lessons as students learn about the customs and traditions of various Spanish-speaking countries.

Physical Education 

The PE program is designed to foster an appreciation for a healthy living lifestyle while learning physical games, movement skills, flexibility exercises, sports related skills, and dance activities.  Students learn fundamental motor and non-motor skills while strengthening small and large muscle groups.


Services are held once a week for all students.  The spiritual development of students is encouraged in all chapel worship services that include scripture reading, prayer, music, and either age appropriate devotions or inspirational speakers.